hm….ok, I sort of already regret this…..but here’s some lifedrawings!

I’m super sorry for poor quality images. I only have a little baby scanner and these are on huge pieces of paper so I just took pics on my phone in terrible lighting. And then only a few from the bunch that I photographed were workable to adjust in photoshop without being a huge hassle. I wanted to include some gestures but I couldn’t get em to clean up well. Ooooh well.

So these are from…two years ago I think? I also drew them with my opposite hand actually. I was having wrist troubles so to save my hand for working on my film I decided to do all my life drawing with my left hand. It was tricky at first but pretty soon it was hard to tell the difference between my drawings. (In fact I like them better because they’re not so tight)

(ALSO, Laughingbear was kind enough to let me know she had posted her portfolio online, and gives some advice to those that are applying for art schools and sending portfolios!)